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Unreasonable Rocket

Team name: Unreasonable Rocket
Vehicle name(s): Burning Splinter 90 and Burning Splinter 180
Team leader: Paul T. Breed
Team members: Paul A. Breed, Carl Tedesco, Charles Pooley
Website: unreasonablerocket.blogspot.com/
Fuel: Hydrogen Peroxide
Level(2): Level One and Level Two
Vehicle Weight: 300 pounds empty, 550 pounds gross
Thrust: 1000 lbs

Unreasonable Rocket is developing two vehicles to compete in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in 2008. Unreasonable Rocket is a small father and son team located in Solana Beach, CA. The team tests their vehicles in the Cohen dry lake bed or the F.A.R. Rocket Test Facilities near Cantil, CA.

Unreasonable Rocket has a long-term goal of showing that significant rocket and space flight capabilities are achievable by small teams. Unreasonable Rocket will be building two very similar vehicles, one to compete in Level 1, the other at Level 2.

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"NASA Centennial Challenges is the most important program in NASA since the moon landings. It is the only program with possibility of harnessing the awesome power of the American entrepreneurial free market to develop cost effective space access and technology."

- Paul T. Breed, on the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge