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Team name: BonNova
Vehicle name(s): Lauyad I & II
Team leader: Allen Newcomb
Team members: Vanna Bonta, Dan Kent, Bob Noteboom, Derry O'Donovan, Dave Snuffer
Website: www.bonnova.com
Fuel: Propane and N2O
Level(2): One and Two
Vehicle Weight: 200lbs and 300lbs, respectively
Thrust: ~350lbs

BonNova, a design firm in Tarzana, CA specializing in innovative invention and engineering for aerospace and all industries, is one of the veteran competitors of the Lunar Lander challenge. The rocket team, led by Allen Newcomb, was established for the sole purpose of winning the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. They currently have six members: a Chief Engineer, GNC Aerospace Engineer, Computer Engineer, Creative Director, Machinist Engineer, and Pit Crew Member. The team mascot is a rocket dog named Sky.

Newcomb has over 20 years experience in avionics and design for extreme environments, such as racecars, (brutal vibration and extreme emi), and oil wells (extreme heat). While working as an avionics engineer at SpaceDev, he designed some of the electronics and all of the Mission Control and Operations Software for CHIPSat. He also designed all of the avionics, flight software, and ground software for SpaceDev's hybrid rocket engine on Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne, the winner of the Ansari X PRIZE.

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"This event and others like it encourage, support, and celebrate the enterprising innovation of pioneers working to give humanity wings. Our neighborhood - this solar system, the cosmos, actually - is so much more vast and amazing than the paltry headlines, insanity, and politics crammed at us daily as so-called news. The beauty of the hood and discoveries that await us are deserving of our attention and mandatory to our survival as a species."

- Vanna Bonta, on the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge